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A Lean GitHub Gist Client
#macOS / #Windows / #Linux



  • Why is my gist's language classified as "Other"?
    Lepton depends on GitHub API to detect the language. If this fails, you can put "// vim: syntax=<your_language>" at the top of the gist to specify the language.
  • Why I can't search my gist's content?
    Currently, Lepton only supports the search for the gist's description field.
  • How to specify the title and tags for my gist?
    GitHub Gist doesn't come with the native support for 'title' and 'tag' in the description field.

    Lepton adds these support, if the format [title] description #tags: tag1, tag2 is followed in the gist description field.
  • How to provide feedback?
    Please submit an issue ticket in the GitHub Issue page. Or, if you like, send a pull request.